Check out our 5 Star Reviews!

Check out our 5 Star Reviews!

Our AC was not keeping up with the Las Vegas heat and on its last limb. Joel was very patient in presenting us with options of repairing or replacing our unit. We decided to go with the option of replacing our AC and are very happy at how quickly and professionally the job was performed. It was nice to find a company that was not all about pressuring you into the most expensive option and feeling like I had an understanding and choice of where my money went.

Thank you so much!!

Matthew K.

Henderson, NV 6/4/2016

Joel is great!! He got to my house about 15 minutes after I called him. My compressors were shot, and he advised me to get a new unit, because mine was already about ten years old, and would just continue to break. (It needed a $700 repair last year.) He installed a new unit the next day for $6,300. By time I got home from work, my house was cool again. In less than 24 hours my problem was solved :) He was very friendly and professional, and worked with me to get me financed, because this was a very sudden and unexpected expense. I have friends who have paid much more, and who have not gotten very good service for their money. I'm really glad I went with Joel instead of one of the bigger companies, because the bigger companies tend to overcharge.

Rose B.

Henderson, NV 6/7/2016

Last week and I was in a huge pinch . I had 16 friends coming in from out of town staying in a big house that I have. Of course my AC went out. The dreaded last minute AC repair! A good friend of mine put me in touch with Joe came over very promptly and assess the situation. My coil was frozen up and he said he had to wait till the next day to fully evaluate and make a diagnosis. He said most likely I had a leak in the system which would run about 700 bucks or I needed a whole new unit as it's about 20 years old which would be about six grand! The next day he came back up and when we pull the lid off the unit the entire fan / coil Air it was packed with about 2 inches a pigeon feathers. Much to my surprise he said he could clean the feathers in the system most likely would be operational. About an hour later after hosing down the system and cleaning all the feathers I was back up and running. 200 bucks!! A true rarity when you find someone that Honest Vegas.. I have lived here 28 years and been through many many shady air conditioning companies. Joel is my new guy and I'm going to highly recommend him to everyone! Thanks Joel !!

Phil A.

Las Vegas, NV 5/28/2016

Joel is an amazing, skilled guy. Had my compressor replaced and air working again within a hour! Would definitely use him again and recommend him to everyone I know! Thanks Joel!

Randee K.

Las Vegas NV 5/17/2016

Joel, the owner/contractor, is amazing. I called him in the morning to find out if he would install a wifi thermostat for us. He not only said he did that kind of work, he recommended a unit that was half the cost of the one I had asked about. He shared that it was the unit he used in his own home. He offered to go to Home Depot to pick up the thermostat for me, saving me the trip. He came over that afternoon to do the work. He was prompt and helpful. I didn't know my modem password, and he was patient while I checked into that. He was most patient and helped me with my phone to set up the app. He went through the program with me to be sure I understood the features of the system. He is affordable, trustworthy, and pleasant to have in the home. I highly recommend him and am passing his name on to all our family.

Ralph G.

Henderson, NV 5/3/2016

You can't put a price on peace of mind, but you can put a price on an honest contractor and that's nearly the same thing. Joel, the owner/operator of HVAC Connection, is great. I had a new furnace and condenser unit installed by another company who did less than stellar work. A year later when I wasn't seeing the drop in power usage and efficiency I was hoping for I decided to give Joel a call.

It turns out my "closed" system wasn't really closed. It was full of leaks. The raised platform my furnace sat on in my garage had been subjected to numerous water leaks as it was shared by the water heater which had burst and leaked at various points in this home's 35 year history and at some point a previous owner had cut a 2' x 3' hole into this platform, presumably to drain it and help it dry out. Not only did the original installers not say anything about it, but they also hadn't properly sealed any of the joints in the venting system above the furnace and they hadn't insulated some of the lines.

Essentially, Joel completely uninstalled everything, demolished the platform, rebuilt the platform (he used to be a foreman and a journeyman framer for one of the largest home builders in Nevada), sealed and insulated the platform to make it airtight, bled the system (some of these terms may not be completely accurate as I am am not an HVAC tech), reinstalled everything, re-welded all of the connections, insulated what should have been insulated the first time around and got everything back up and running for less money than the original company charged me for the installation alone.

In the end, it looks better, runs better and is finally saving me the 15 to 20 percent that I expected it to. I could not be happier or more impressed with HVAC Connection and give them my highest recommendation.

Jamie F.

Henderson, NV 7/29/2015

Excellent honest, quick and affordable service.
Joel is the tech who solved the problems
we had been experiencing after having 4 previous ac techs. He is honest and saved me money and I would be happy to recommend his company to anyone I know. Great experience and trustworthy.

Sammy I.

Henderson, NV 7/3/2015

My one year old twins who usually nap for a couple hours woke up within less than 30 minutes after I put them down the other day. I went up to the nursery to see what was going on, and it was pretty chilly in there. They weren't sleeping because they were cold! We quickly discovered that something had happened with our heater and it just completely stopped working. I looked on Yelp, called HVAC Connection and within a couple hours Joel came to our home. He went in to the attic and quickly discovered there was a small part with a crack in it that needed to be replaced. He was able to get the part we needed and came back to fix the problem early the next morning. From the time I called him to the time he fixed our heater for us, the problem was resolved in less than 24 hours. He was friendly, professional, reliable, dependable, knowledgeable, affordable, and we had an overall great experience with him. I'm really glad we called HVAC Connection and would highly recommend them.

Melissa W.

Las Vegas, NV 1/2/2016

Joel has helped me with two different air conditioning problems. On his first visit to my house he hooked up a split air unit for my workshop that works perfectly. On his second visit my central air unit had stopped working. I had the original company out that installed the unit a few weeks prior to fix a problem with a fan stuck on. Since they had worked on it the unit started having other issues. Joel came out and diagnosed the circuit board being bad and the condenser fan was burnt out. The other company cut a wire to stop the fan which was stuck on which caused other issues to arise. Both my split air and central unit work perfect after Joel fixed them and the prices were very reasonable. I would recommend his work.

Craig D.

Las Vegas, NV 10/15/2016

I loved the way Joel systematically diagnosed the problem. I would highly recommend hvac connection to anyone. Thanks for coming on a 110 degree Sunday afternoon. Great job!

Samuel M.

Las Vegas, NV 8/3/2015

Joel was absolutely wonderful. He was able to diagnose the problem and solve it quickly. I have a very old unit which has been hard to fix in the past. He was able to find the problems and did the research to find parts for my old unit all in the same day. He was very professional and personable. By the time he left I had heat again in the house. I would highly recommend him.

Kristie C.

Las Vegas, NV 11/19/2015

Joel the owner responded immediately to my call for AC repair. He arrived on the designated time. Upon hearing what we felt was the problem, Joel gave us an idea of what was wrong and what would be the estimated cost. Joel was friendly, trustworthy and answered our many questions. Before leaving he checked the system inside and outside and ensured the system was working properly. What we thought would be a very painful experience turned out to be quite a relief. We found someone fair whom we could call on again when and if we needed help with heating and air conditioning issues.

Lilia C.

Las Vegas, NV 9/9/2015

This business is as honest as it gets! It's hard to find honest businesses out there because most just tell you that parts need to be replaced just so they can make some money off of you. Joel definitely DOES NOT do that. He came out and checked both our AC units to see if any parts needed to be replaced and give us any recommendations. We decided to have him come out to catch our units before they actually stopped working on their own and also because two of our rooms weren't cooling the way they used to. He simply charged up the units because no parts needed to be replaced and now they cool better than before! He took note of the size/type of units that we have so if we needed service in the future he would know which parts to come with to repair it quickly. Joel also rewrote the labels that are on the units because it was fading, just in case we needed the info later on. A business that does the "small things" shows how much they stand out from others in a huge way. You wouldn't make a mistake by calling Joel to come to the rescue or even save you before getting to the point of a crisis!

Heidi C.

Las Vegas, NV 7/21/2015

HVAC came to the rescue when our air was out on a 110' day outside. Joel was able to fix the air conditioning compressor and the motor to bring cool air in the house again. He did a great job, professional, and fast. I recommend him to everyone who needs air conditioning help!

Katrina C.

Henderson, NV 7/30/2015

He deff gets 5 plus stars. Our air conditioning went out due to the filter being covered and he came early in the morning, found the problem had a solution and boom the air worked again. He is also fairly priced and he will be the go to guy from here on out!!


HVAC Connection is my new a/c Heating guy, Joel came out on a saturday night at 9:00 pm and had to climb up on my roof in the dark no less, Joel was very knowledgeable and fix the problem in less than a half hour, I highly recommend his company for all your repairs. also his fee was very reasonable due to the day and hour. Thanks Joel


I am completely impressed with this company!!! The call back was instant, and the AC tech was at the property within an hour. Not at all what you come to expect when the Vegas temps are well over 110!

As a property manager and realtor, I know that costs of AC repairs. This company is very competitive and his customer service was exceptional. I will add HVAC Connection LLC to my list of exceptional vendors.


We Called Last Night and left a message about our a/c being out.Few minutes later I get a call back from Joel and he would be here in the morning at 7:30am He Sure Was, He fixed our a/c and gave us a fair and honest price' Thank God" Great locally owned business I am sharing his business info to everyone I know" Thank you for your GREAT Service today!


Joel arrived at my rental at his scheduled time. He got right to work. He was very thorough with the unit outside. He then crawled into the attic and diagnosed the problem, made his calls to get the part replaced. He told me he would be back the next day. I told him that I wouldn't be able to get there until after 5pm. He was good with that. When I showed up he was waiting with a smile on his face, replacement part in hand. He ensured the A/C would kick on and it did. Joel provided a great experience and excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend him to any of my friends.

Henry R

Las Vegas NV, 11/18/2016

113° degrees it was hot,,I called my home warranty company and Joel, HVAC connection was the man they hooked me up with. He was great, honest, professional, and got me up and COOLED quickly, he's great.

Paul H

Las Vegas NV, 7/27/2016